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Lines of Research

Theories and methods in Competition Policy​​

Theoretical and/or empirical evaluation of relevant economic issues (relevant market, rivalry, anticompetitive effects, remedies, etc.);  

Theoretical foundations and implications of different approaches to antitrust practice (transaction cost, collusion models, etc.);

Theoretical and/or empirical evaluation of analysis methodologies (UPP, simulations, etc.);

Evaluation of international experiences in the application of antitrust.


Competitive analysis of specific markets

Identification of anticompetitive issues, competition risks, etc., of a particular market or sector

Results and impacts of Regulation and Competition policies

Analysis and design of methodologies and studies to evaluate interventions in specific markets and policy impact


Interaction of Regulation, Antitrust and other policies

Interaction with other policies and areas (sectoral regulation, industrial policy, innovation policy, intellectual property, international trade, etc.)


Economic history of competition and regulation

Economic history of antitrust policy in Brazil and other developing countries;

History of comparative competition policy (United States, Europe and Asia);

Historical approach to competition and development and competition and industrial policy


Schumpeterian competition and dynamic models

Normative implications and competition dynamics, including the dilemmas of intervention in innovation-intensive markets;

Incorporation of dynamic models of competition in antitrust practice, including topics such as competition via brand, potential competition and repositioning.


Law and Economics

Interdisciplinary perspective on related topics (Examples: property rights, intellectual property and antitrust);

Role of Law in Public Policies.



Interaction between competition and aggregate variables

Relationship between competition and sectoral variables

(inflation, entry and exit, innovation, etc.);

Relationship between competition and the labor market.

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