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Gdec is a research group that brings together professors and students from the Institute of Economics the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and is dedicated to the debate on  Competition Policy and Economic Regulation, in Brazil and in the world. Its focus is multidisciplinary (dealing with issues of Economics and Law) and plural regarding theoretical methods and approaches, and operates from an economic and legal-institutional perspective. Its final objective is to enrich the academic debate in the area, with the aim of bringing contributions that respect its multidisciplinarity and collaborate for the continuous improvement of the execution of these policies in Brazil.

Forms of action

Undergraduate and

Graduate courses

Papers and Academic Production

Lines of Research

Seminars and Events

Lines of Research
  • Theories and methods in Competition Policy


  • Competitive analysis of specific markets  


  • Results and impacts of Regulation and Competition policies


  • Interaction of Regulation, Antitrust and other policies


  • Economic history of competition and regulation


  • Schumpeterian competition and dynamic models


  • Law and Economics

  • Interaction between competition and aggregate variables

Partner Institution
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